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Ana Maria Alexandru
President of the Romanian Coaching Association ARC PRO
Mentor, Coach - THE Next Generation & Leadership -Team Coaching: Action-Reflection-Learning
Elena Căpruciu is, above all, a kind person, spiritual and concerned with adding value and contributing to the wellbeing of others through each and every interaction, conversation and project she lays hands on.  We met during a wonderful project dedicated to improving the performance of high school students within „Zburd.ro – Education through Coaching”. 
Elena has been at these students’ elbow all the way through coaching, smiles, creativity, painting, dance, and as much love as it took for them to feel important, encouraged, accepted and backed up.  This project is now an example of good practice in Romanian education, and it continues to grow thanks to noble-minded and valiant professionals like Elena. 

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Raluca Mohanu
Owner / Executive Coach - Steps4Change.ro
I am happy and proud to recommend Elena Căpruciu, member of the Romanian Coaching Association (ARC). I met Elena during the Noble Manhattan program, admiratively keeping track of the noteworthy rise in her career, from student to mentor and supervisor within this coaching school. From the very beginning, I have set great store by Elena’s vast experience in HR, her unquenched thirst for acquiring and sharing her knowledge to those who found use of it. Elena never ceases to amaze me with her impetus and youth, doubled by a deep spiritual connection.
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Gabriela Dumitrescu (Samoila)
Life Coach
In the same manner a Coachee chooses his Coach, I have chosen my Mentor! Tailored to the desires of my heart, taken accordingly.  The sessions with Elena along my training to become Life Coach, went way beyond school. They were a transforming experience to the core, with a timed tsunami impact, so to speak. With mirrored ups-and-downs, overturns, implosions and explosions. Montagne-russe by definition, each and every journey accompanied by Elena in Mentoring seat had deep change-over effects for me. And not just because Elena is a magician of Life Coaching, but also thanks to the opening she fostered for me within the space of her school, during our sessions – of vocational polishing, as I like to call them. For all these, a big and meaningful Thank You, and I am sure there is yet another Journey we must partake side by side! Go in and win, Elena, and Dreams of grandeur for you, as they will also knock on our door! 
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Andrea Neag
Life Coach & Creative Wedding Planner
I have met Elena during my coaching studies, when she was introduced as being my mentor. With her by my side I managed to trust my own abilities, changing my weaknesses into my strong points and learning useful coaching practices. I am grateful to Elena because she trained me for my final session like going in a special trip: without any pressure, but with lots of enthusiasm. Through her attitude, she gave me courage and focus. It really was a real pleasure to work with Elena!
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Valentina Culea
Elena was a surprise for me, even though I had no expectations whatsoever. Or, you could say it was an unprecedented surprise. The mentoring sessions I had with Elena could be described as a carousel ride. I never could understand (and I still find it hard to figure out) how did she managed to play the double role by being present in the mentoring session both for herself (as my practicing coaching client), and for me (as my mentor). She made me feel confident, and in the same time she helped me in self questioning the behaviours I had, including those that in my mind took a more positive feeling. The feeling I had by the end of the mentoring sessions was that of growth: perceived from my own and from those of a coach. I do not know more than this about her, but I got the strong feeling that she can do a lot for herself, and for others. And this fact is already something special. 
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Ramona Bucsa
Coach. National Sales Manager Corporate at Noble Manhattan Coaching - Romania
Elena is the person who believed in me and taught me how to be a coach. She is the one who “dared” to put me in front of a mirror in order to show my qualities and my drawbacks, my weakness and my strengths. I wished my mentoring sessions with Elena would not ever reach an end, as I know I could have learn many more things from her: method, empathy, certitude and result! Thank you, Elena for what I have become. Thank you for sharing with me so much and for teaching me that I will win by giving!
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Cristina Stancovici
Coach. Owner at www.viataviacoaching.com
A coach must reach his/her self that is left hidden because there one can find the true potential to create. Once reached this side, something amazing will happen that will enable the resources we never knew we had.  Elena was the person who made me realize this, through a Supervision Masterclass session. She has this talent to bring forth the qualities of each participant, no matter if he or she is already a coach, a student (like my case), or a participant with no status in particular. She is just like a breath of fresh air in a crowded city – at first you have no idea from where she comes from, and you just take it… She has her own way to define things, after which she is there to help you to reveal this - hidden like a treasure - language. Thank you Elena, for offering something I had no idea I would need.
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Costel Coravu
Author of the book: "STOP CONFUSION"
I met Elena on the occasion of the events unrolled under the umbrella of Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd Coaching School, an educational path she otherwise also followed in her development as coach. Furthermore, she eventually became a mentor within the training courses delivered by this company, which has a voice in the level of professionalism she attained. During the unraveling of programs under the aegis of „Zburd – Education through Coaching”, to which success Elena has brought a considerable contribution, I have rejoyced her energy and unimpaired level of willingness to contribute to the upgrade of school performances and quality of life for her students from high schools included in the program. Her aspiring and harmonious approach contributes to the full of her success in coaching, with a degree and credentials as Master Coach in International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring (IIC&M). I strongly believe that Elena is a relevant member of the Romanian Coaching Association – ARC Pro, and that she honorably represents the level of professionalism this Association promotes.  
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Tomasz Lisewski
EVP, Global Head of Brand, Communications & Digital
Elena Capruciu has worked with me as coach since middle of 2014. During that time, I was CEO for Central Eastern Europe at Philips and she helped me on my process of developing the ability to “Manage as a coach”. Also, Elena helped me to improve my performance on the job and more general in life.  The most powerful discovery for me was to find out that “helping other people to have more fulfilling lives” is my life purpose. Based on that I developed the coaching program for people who are at the beginning of their career and successfully conducted it for 24 people in three different countries.  I highly recommend Elena as executive coach.
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Alexandra Codleanu
CoCreative Coach - www.co-creative-coaching.com
The encounters with Elena Capruciu in the Master-Classes workshops were wonderful experiences for me. In her quality of a Master Coach, Elena taught us how to create coaching from heart, soul and intuition, beyond academic expertise or classical models. The Coaching Elena develops is transformational – the Client makes shifts to the thinking, feeling and behavior levels at the same time. And this is not as simple as that! Elena has a unique way of inviting and involving the Client in the own transformation process, so that the Client indeed feels as being the co-creator of his/her experiences and future. Elena is a partner who recognizes and awards the Client’s strengths and competencies, she is a mirror that brings the client face to face to the qualities he/she would need to develop – these within a collaborative process in which the Coach – Client relationship is way more important than the mechanics of the specialized techniques. Working with Elena, the Client becomes aware that the change and progress lie in his/her sole hands, that the Client has the resources – potential, abilities, knowledge – to achieve the objectives he/she plans and that the Client holds answers even for the questions he/she hasn’t raised him/herself yet. 
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Iulia Sorescu
Life Coach & Trainer, Uprise Action
Elena was my mentor when I did my studies to become a professional coach. I appreciate her for giving me challenging topics. Even though the mentoring with her was tough, it was also enriching and full of insights. She offered me a really good preparation for my future practice as a coach.
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Laurian Zlota
Life & Business Coach, Coaching for Champions
I was lucky enough to have Elena Capruciu as my mentor, during my studies for becoming Life & Business Coach.  Working with her was a true source of inspiration for starting my path towards this career. All surrounded by professionalism and willingness to share. 
I believe that each one of us should experience at least once learning from Elena, as he or she would surely gain a little bit of balance and high vibrancy in to the world we live in.
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Olivia Nicula
 Antreprenor. Coach. Mentor.
I first met Elena as an assessor of my coaching skills through the training course I took. At that moment, due to the emotions of my learning process, I failed to hear the lessons she offered me from her client’s role. Elena was my support in understanding the fact that people are vulnerable and fragile when it comes to be a client in a coaching program. I learned the importance of paying attention to the closure of each coaching session, by showing elegance and professionalism through preparing the client reach the end of the session, and not be very abruptly, leading to possible causes of frustration. Later on, I met Elena as a facilitator for the Master Class sessions of the Supervised Coaching Training. This time I started to actually listen to the lessons she provided. Thus, I realized how important is for me to understand that: my issues can be revealed in my client as well; the client’s issues are found in myself too; we are able to learn from each and every person with whom we work. Today, Elena represents my mentor in both coaching, and personal life. Every meeting or conversation we have is a new learning and exploring experience. I appreciate and I am thankful for every time she shares with us exercises or techniques she applied in her coaching, either we talk about those from the start of her career, those she used to chase away the feeling of being nervous, as well as those she uses now with confidence. Another fact that I noticed, and that I admire in her is the attention she has for every person combined with her ability to understand and listen beyond the spoken words.
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Cătălin Cucu
Trainer & Coach
Elena was my coach mentor during my studies for becoming a professional coach. But, would you like to hear something interesting? Elena will continue to be my mentor. Elena is the challenge. Elena is the question. Elena is the answer. Elena is the child. Elena is the adult. Elena lifts you up. Elena takes you down, in order to get up again. Elena is the coach. Thank you, Elena!