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Bianca Panțuru
I am a young professional with experience in the Human Resources Corporate environment. My interest is in building authentic relationships in all areas of my life. I do my best to value the others as human beings and ideally put aside the artificial social layers we are all covering ourselves in. That translates to a very thorough inner journey that most probably will never end. 

As a trainer at the Clear Mind Coaching School I will inspire you to connect better with yourself in a carrying and heartwarming way .
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Ina Cristina Stanciu
I enjoy playing piano to anyone who stops and listens, I can walk in balance on point shoes, and I am confident when learning/using a new language.  My academic profile includes a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce & Business Administration, and a Master’s in International Business Communication, provided by the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. They enabled a base understanding of various fields: working cultures, ethics of a professional, project management, quality assessment, and win-win negotiation to name a few.  

As a Dreams Come TRUE Coaching by Elena Capruciu team member and facilitator, I developed many skills such as clear communication, coordination, time management, public speaking, focusing on relevant feedbacks and empathy.  While working as a translator for a training group of Individual Psychology Coach Training International (IPCTI) and Alfred Adler Center in Romania, I decided to pursue this dream as well. Currently I am a trained Adlerian Coach. I came to realize that it is always rewarding to follow one’s dreams with a clear mind, focused intention and all the effort required.  

Co-founding the Clear Mind Coaching School came as an opportunity to get even more out of my comfort zone. I said `yes` to a vision in which I strongly believe. A vision, about enabling people to access on a daily basis their best version of being .
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Bogdan Tașcău
Once you get to know Bogdan Tascau, you keep on looking to learn more and more from his unique mentoring style, oriented to listening & understanding people.  As a professional, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of music management and production, he has found creative methods in helping people address their dreams and goals.  

This is how he managed to be a highly appreciated facilitator in the Dreams come TRUE Coaching for Life & Business, for corporate team-buildings, celebration events and weekend themed trainings, as well as small groups of training for specific skills: non-verbal communication techniques, self-presentation skills or creativity enhancement.

As a Co-founder and Trainer of Clear Mind Coaching School, Bogdan is dedicated to his mission in helping each student to discover his own voice and coaching presence. As he usually encourages those who seek his advice: „Each and everyone one of us has the potential to shine in the chosen area of activity. It is a matter of hard work and dedication to make this known to the world, and become a source of inspiration.”

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In Liem
I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1952, but soon our whole family emigrated to the Netherlands where I grew up. I studied economics in Switzerland (St. Gallen), and graduated in 1974. After that, I met the Buddhist faith (still in Switzerland), which I then studied on a fulltime basis for about 7 years.  Back in the Netherlands, I held several jobs in corporate finance, and also in Development Cooperation.  
All I had learned in life until then, led to the writing of a book explaining my views on macro-economic thinking and policy, and some initial proposals for change. The book got published in 2005 (www.liemgiokin.com ).
At present, I have the great privilege to be able to co-ordinate a Buddhist Study Centre in the Netherlands (www.rabtenjigmeling.nl ) under the auspices of my teachers (www.rabten.eu). In this Study Centre we hold regular courses, classes, meditation and prayer sessions. 
Buddhism is ‘a teaching and a path to develop the mind’. All our efforts are limited and will never bring definite satisfaction. It is by developing the positive qualities and eliminating the negative aspects of our mind that true and lasting happiness can be attained.  As to my views on the economy, it is really quite simple. I would like to quote a former Dutch Ambassador, Edy Korthals - Altes, who much advocated the case of peace in the world. “A strong change of mentality is needed, to bring the relationship between ourselves and with nature in harmony with the Constitutional Laws of nature.” ->this will be also my contribution as a Trainer at the Clear Mind Coaching School. 

So, in my message I attempt to express that needed change of mentality in terms of economic policy. 
(see also: www.god-and-co.org )
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Ema Nicola
Ema has a constant passion for transformation in an authentic way. She made the steep passage from engineering and program analysis to theater directing (licensed in Performing Arts - Theater Directing, UNATC "I.L.Caragiale" Bucharest) and character analysis.

The characters and the life discovered on the site where she worked as an engineer were followed by the creation of authentic characters on stage and working with the actors.

Ema continued her work and discoveries on television (MD in "Audio-Visual Programs" at the Film Faculty, UNATC). She conducted hundreds of interviews with important internationally recognized artists and personalities.
Ema discovered Personal development following Landmark programs between 2006 and 2009, where she began coaching, initially for the Self Expression and Leadership Program, then for the Introduction Leader Program, one of the most powerful leadership courses on the market.

She has attended Noble Manhattan Coaching School, UK, then she studied NLP with Dr. Richard Bandler, John LaValle and Kathleen LaValle (London, 2017); she attended Tony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within Seminar in 2017, and in 2018 joined the assistant, T. Harv Ecker's Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar - Birmingham 2018.
Her mission as a mentor in Clear Mind Coaching School, is to raise curiosity in experimenting and understanding the mechanisms of creating the new through the work of transformation, reinvention, re-creation of the fascinating human being.
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Olivia Nicula
With ten years experience in health services, I manage together with my husband our family optometry practice, which we founded in order to provide people the best services to help them enjoy their life at their best through a good sight.

I discovered coaching in 2012 and I started applying it in my everyday life and business. I continued my professional development attending coaching courses and personal development workshops as well as being volunteer in developing the coaching community in Bucharest.

Among the many things I have learned in coaching is that the only person I can change is me. Coaching helped me discover both myself and people around me, listen and hear them, as everyone has a story who deserves to be shared.

I usually work with people interested in changing/improving their lives, reach their goals or students who want to raise their performance at school.

I support coachees to explore new options, access their resources and honor their values. The coaching style combines authentic curiosity with beliefs challenging questions, in order to help the coachee to align his/her goals with values and beliefs. I encourage them to learn to be present both in sessions and everyday life, apply what they find out in coaching sessions and celebrate their achievements.

Working with students at Clear Mind Coaching School is an opportunity to contribute even more in developing the coaching community in the world and share with them what I learned from my mentors and assessors in this wonderful coaching journey.  
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Valentina Culea
I asked myself: why would Elena create a new coaching school on the Romanian market where even people with higher education (especially outside the corporate environment and not only) do not know what coaching is? There is a greater need for professionals in coaching or coaching clients? Would not it be the time to develop the coaching market outside the corporate environment? Maybe yes, maybe no. I do not know the answer. I understand, including from the personal example that, because of lack of trust, we prefer to do a coaching course than to call a coach.
And this is a school founded on principles of professional excellence and integrity that pertains to coaching as a "way to elevate your life".
Personally, I'm interested in mentoring primarily for his purpose of censoring the glorification of the role of coach and constantly paying attention to the client.
Because, first of all, for me, a good coach is the very trained man in coaching who has the modesty
to fully give the merits of the results of the coaching session to the client. If you are prepared to be "irrelevant" as a coach and essential in the role of coaching client, then my presence in the Clear Mind Coaching School team would be helpful.
I am a graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest. I have been working for 12 years as a jurist in the field of capital markets, a board member in various companies: animal husbandry, building materials and real estate, and I have participated in various courses and trainings of management and personal development courses.
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Alex Müller
Through branding and webdesign, with my tools - graphics and code - I paint idealized images about the present, so that people and companies I work with start to believe what they might be and, in time, do the work needed to actually get there. 

I believe in Elena's project and in the positive impact it will have on the lives of those who choose to transform their most daring dreams into reality.