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Life is unexpected, complex and beautiful.

You are an infinite being. You are amazing. At Clear Mind Coaching School, we help you rediscover that and put it to good use. Unlimit your beliefs and unlock your true potential to help others evolve too. 

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Benefits of attending a coaching course or a leadership course: You are accessing personal development courses, positive thinking books, motivational books about self-confidence, self-esteem, the secrets of success, self-knowledge, self-development and spirituality.

Enjoy a journey that you've always dreamed of

Clear Mind MasterClasses

are addressed to groups of professionals in coaching and to self-learners, globally, solving real life executive or team coaching challenges proposed by participants.  It is a certified course in its own right, which can immediately offer seamless progression to your needs, whether it is life dynamics or the corporate environment.

A journey to discover the best version of yourself 


growth is infinite


give one's attention to all sounds


the expression of you


being mindful


and show deep affection to yourself before helping others


and untie the solutions


your ego from this agenda


and let waves of vitality to flow all around


bring back yourself and the other


expand your attention to more than what’s on the surface


determine what value means for yourself


co-creating identity

Elena Căpruciu

Dreams Come TRUE, Coaching for Life & Business by Elena Căpruciu since 2010, and Clear Mind Coaching School starting with 2018, are her living creations, by which she succeeds in bringing something fresh and savoury along with new approaches to development in coaching and mentoring, at all extents and levels. She proves to have an unprecedented close-up view on innovating executive leadership based on co-creation and shared experience among cultures and continents.

By parity of reasoning, professional experiences with Elena are to collaborating global market leaders as adventurous journeys to an courageous sailor, who is discovering and shaping new lands of the mind. And by way of Dreams Come True Coaching concept, she once again proves the power of education and executive transformation in these respective fields. 

In order to understand and actively partake in integrating the internal dynamics of change, Elena took up the role of team trainer for various high schools, with groups of students, parents, teachers, principals, representatives of the Ministry of Education and those of local communities. 

Licensed in International Leadership and Management Team Coaching, USA, and as Master Coach (IAPC&M - International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring), Elena has been planting long-lasting seeds of knowledge as mentor, trainer and examinator onto those who have crossed her door as students at the coaching school where she graduated: Noble Manhattan Coaching, UK.

Within Clear Mind Coaching School, Elena unveils a broad pallete of interactive educational means and captivating experiences for those global clear-minded, that have the inner values
of freedom, contribution and evolution.
Ready to start a life changing journey?