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Empathy – The Lighthouse in Coaching

I feel you, I hear you, I understand what you are going through. I’ve been there. Empathy is the beacon of like that builds bridges between humans.

Being understood is something that all of our hearts as people desire. We want someone to listen and bring light to the corners that we have not yet seen in our life experiences. But more than listening, we want someone to understand, to relate to our feelings and be empathic.

Everything Starts When You Understand

Empathy. One of the core ingredients that a professional coach make someone to turn to someone that can relate, understand and shed light.

True empathy is much more than me being aware of how you are feeling. Being truly empathic is to understand where you are coming from, where you are in your own learning process and actually feel the right words and feelings to express for the exact situation that you are dealing with.

Understanding Empathy A Bit Better

Even if we can describe empathy as an emotional state and awareness, something you feel in the fire of your heart, there are still a couple of pointers that can describe empathy in a more pragmatic way:

• Perceptivity – the ability to read between the lines and see the truth from the coachee’s perception.

• Emotion recognition – the ability to correctly identify the emotion presented in the context, without any personal projections.

• Non-judgment – the ability to wisely accept, receive, and pass forward whatever information is shared, regardless of the place where it comes from.

• Communication – the ability to ask questions, express interest, learning how to relate and genuinely encourage.

All of these are core elements of empathy, but what truly makes empathy powerful is to never, ever, ever show judgment. This particular kind of sharing comes from a place of vulnerability and trust and that’s why empathy should govern the relationship between a coach and a coachee.

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