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Coaches Need Coaching Too

A mentor, coach or guide comes in many forms, through either the lessons that life teaches you or within the people that you meet in your journey.

Of course, you can choose your coach and the lessons that come along. It all comes down to trust. Trusting yourself to allow change and growth. Trusting the person or experience in front of you to deliver the right lessons. 

Continuous learning is a long process, and with many interferences, if you open your heart and mind to it. Everywhere you look you can see a lesson. Nature’s teaching. Life experiences are teaching. Even all the people that walk along your path have lessons too. The secret is to keep a humble heart open, the mind vigilant, and thrive to change and grow. 

Then the most magical thing happens: when you allow yourself to grow and experience life at its utmost beauty. If you allow it, it will inspire you to help others grow and live the same joy and happiness towards life. 

Emotional Philosophy?

Well, take a deep breath and think about the ones you’ve chosen to look up to? Right there in your heart center. You know that deep down, they help you thrive, grow, bloom and flourish into a version of yourself that allows you satisfaction and fulfillment. That’s the exact states of the mind  that all of us strive for. 

Let’s turn our attention a bit towards mentors, coaches of coaches, spiritual teachers and so on. We established trust as a core ingredient when it comes to choosing any kind of teacher, but what else matters? 

Intuition, by being able to feel the chemistry and the potential growth that a person can offer. It’s also about self-worth and how capable you see yourself in working towards change. One other aspect you might be looking at is a professional occupation. It’s important, that’s true, but when it comes to growth, a mentor’s guidance aims for the core, so that everything else will follow. 

The Universe Has Lessons Too

One other great master and teacher is Life itself. As you might have noticed by now, life has a way of giving us our lessons until we learn them. All the twists and turns, the repetitions and the challenges, all of them are destined for your own personal growth, so keeping your heart open to them might just add value to your life. 

As the Universe is unfolding at its own pace, think about how a professional coach might impact your life. If the spark inside you is brightening up and you’ve decided to give it a chance, take a bit of time and explore if joining the Clear Mind Accelerator. Who knows, this might be the place where you need to be: