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Can A Coach Spark Motivation?

Let’s define motivation. To gym-goers, it’s the spark that keeps them going, even if they’ve reached the limits of their bodies. For students, motivation is working towards their careers even if their peers are out there partying. So, regardless of the specifics, motivation can be defined as the drive that keeps you going towards reaching your goal.

What Happens When The Flame Dies?

Usually, depending on how high the stakes are, the yield goes way down and so does the performance curve. You stop going to the gym so often or you allow yourself some passes when it comes to your daily responsibilities just because you are not feeling it.  

There’s this popular belief that once motivation is gone, it’s very hard to get it back. A professional coach will argue differently and focus on igniting the feeling by reminding you about how will you feel when you reach your goal. But more than relying on outside help from a coach, we challenge you to see motivation and its process a little bit differently. 

Turn Motivation Into Habits

Let’s talk about habits. You’ve just set out a fresh new goal and you are all pumped up with energy to go get it. That energy is your motivation and fuel towards making your vision a reality. Most people spend their fuel on going with full speed ahead, thinking that they have enough fuel to reach the top of the motion. What usually happens is that somewhere along the way they ran out which makes the journey hard.

There are some people who use their motor fuel in a whole other way. They use it to build strong and durable habits. In this way, when all the fuel will run out, the newly created habits will take the wheel and drive you towards your goal. Sounds simple, well it’s not that easy. Aside from motivation, habits take up a lot of will power and determination to be set-up. 

But once you’ve mastered your habits, your goals are just far by distance. And one more thing, the new habits that you’ve just inserted have another huge benefit as well. Once time passes, results will start popping around, proving that your new approach is working and you just have to maintain the course. This brings new flows of motivation and fills the fuel tank periodically. 

The Motivation Recipe?

So, motivation transformed into habits brings out more motivation with time. Why does it make sense? Because we are beings that function on programs and if we insert the right ones, the results that our heart so much desires become more and more accessible.