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Competencies for Professionals
In your daily life, sometimes you have the feeling that you are hanging from a bar. The rope is fraying and there's no net below. It's rational to hang on as long as you can. Being told to "be strong and you’ll make it” doesn’t apply to the situation. You need someone to bring a new bar within reach.
Clear Mind Coaching Competencies for Professionals is a 6 months engagement program that helps you reach a new bar of exponential growth. How, you ask?

  • it gives you new ways of thinking and acting for both one-on-one and team settings
  • it builds you into a confident and balanced leader
  • it ensures alignment of your personal values with you and your work purpose
  • it creates a shift from a ‘command and control’ approach to a trustworthy culture: from problem/blame to genuine communication and connection 
  • it helps you create healthier habits by training you in applying the coaching methodology - listening, asking empowering questions and follow-up.

Professionals from all levels of different organizations are welcomed to participate in this program to deepen their knowledge of human nature and grow together, sharing wisdom from all over the globe.  The Program is provided both Online and On-Site.
Diploma for Executive and Team Coaching 
Your epiphany is waiting. Here you will find more than education – it’s about profound insights. It’s about a powerful shift and update of your mental maps to navigate this ever-changing landscape and successfully ride the waves.

Our 6 months engaging program is designed to:
  • enhance your executive and team coaching skills so you can effectively structure your ideas and plans
  • make you aware how every single decision shapes your reality
  • give you clarity about your needs by looking inside and drawing out your thoughts
  • fully support you to become a unique team coach with proven, step by step practices and tools.
What you get: 
  • the courses manual available on any device
  • 6 one-to-one supervision sessions with a dedicated Coaching Instructor
  • 12 home-study modules and reading recommendation, with consolidation exercises to replace old habits
  • audio classes and reflective journaling providing self-management in the process of studying
  • 60 hours of coaching practice
  • Clear Mind Coaching Support Group - practice how to apply team coaching in business, sports, medical support, education, coaching, therapy or for your own business growth
  • 4 intensive one day-practical workshops, at every quarter along the manual learning journey, conducted by accredited international coaches and trainers
  • monthly training webinars for managers, salespeople, entrepreneurs, doctors, therapists, counsellors, healthcare workers, architects, engineers, parents, teachers, etc.
Program Diploma for Life Coaching
Plunge into the most exciting and rewarding adventure of your life: the journey of self-discovery, the inquiry of the Inner Self. Integrate your precious lessons and guide others to make the best out of their lives too.

Our 6 months program will:  
  • help you unlearn the mental models that have grown outdated 
  • reveal the underlying shift in thinking.
  • find the sticking point, determining how mental models are getting in the way of your goals.
  • guide you in choosing different, more sustainable approaches.
What you get:
  • the courses manual available on any device
  • 12 home-study modules and reading recommendation, with consolidation exercises to replace old habits
  • 6 one-on-one supervision sessions with a dedicated coaching instructor
  • Audio classes and reflective journaling providing self-management in the process of studying
  • 60 hours of coaching practice
  • Clear Mind Coaching Support Group, where you practice how to apply coaching in real life objectives.
  • Monthly training webinars;
  • 2,5 days intensive all-inclusive workshop, conducted by accredited international coaches and trainers.
Clear Mind School Live Webinars
Deeper shifts mean sustainable progress, that is why we engage in 1,5 hours of live mentoring coaching webinars, where you will learn to:

  • engage your customers to value mass collaboration through network communication and connection. 
  • infuse your employees with new mindsets, quests and rewards to keep them engaged.
  • grow your business by learning how to create your own brand.
Our community-based online learning provides an easy and effortless experience, even for participants who have never taken online education before.

We are experienced in delivering keynotes to large audience, facilitating workshops of self-discovery, hosting conference panels and conducting executive and team workshops. 
Clear Mind School MasterClasses
In a highly networked community, growth went from incremental to exponential. The focus is now more on how to remove limits rather than set them. 

We look beyond delivering a product and instead we build platforms for others to create value. We stop treating clients as consumers, as they can accomplish much more as co-creators.

  • We recognize that the old mental model is no longer relevant or effective. This is a challenge because we are usually unconscious of our mental models.  
  • We create a new model that can better achieve the needs: making the mental shift from one-to-many to many-to-many.  
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