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Habits Are All Around Us 

Round, round the habit wheel, goes and our life is following the course. Everything in our lives comes down to habits: food choices, morning routines, entertainment options. We have tuned our minds to the things that we enjoy and allowed them to spin for us daily. 

That’s all on a practical level. If you would ask a professional coach, you learn that there are more dimensions where habits apply, on an unconscious level. Some of the things are more subtle than you might think: how we choose to deal with failure, how we seek our entourage, who we love. Self-awareness is key to better understand those patterns you’ve established for yourself early on in life. Seeking to improve your habits is the most authentic way to become a better version of yourself. 

You Are Your Own Master 

That’s why in coaching, you learn about yourself first. How you function, react and tick and the lessons you have gathered in your life experiences. The role of the coach here is to guide you and help you express your inner world, past mistakes, instances of realization, and aspirations. By learning about yourself in this way, you come to see the path in front of you much more clearly. And that’s when changing your habits begins. 

There are many ways to go around your habits and together with your coach you will find your inner resources to face these challenges. However, there’s one lesson that is worth knowing beforehand: love yourself more when you fail. You are your biggest supporter and your path to change will lead to failures, in the lack of self-trust. It’s up to you to accept the mistakes and make the lessons your own convenience. 

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Articles, Articole

Unexpectedly, the answer isn’t a straightforward yes. It’s true, the guidance of a professional coach can help with goal setting and showing you the path, but It still depends on your drive, courage, and enthusiasm to make the steps and reach the path. 

Goal Setting Simplified 

Goal setting has become a cliche to many. It is so heavily used in digital media and book literature that people have hundreds of definitions for it now. It’s remarkable, however, it can lead away from the core. In true coaching terms, goal setting is just the first step into canvassing the mountain that you will climb. 

Add progress tracking, short term objectives, self-trust, rewards, feedback, improvement, and finally an open heart and mind for new challenges. That’s how you conquer your mountain. Or at least that’s what a coach would say. 

Don’t frown upon the terminology, it is not about that. Here’s a little secret: the fun part when working with a coach is the design of the experience. In coaching, it’s how you personalize and adjust all the fancy terms and make them work for you. That depends both on your creativity and your mentor’s ideas for each of your steps. 

Trust The Process And Your Guide 

So, when looking back at all of this, you can tell that the role of a coach is much more like a guide and entrusted companion than the one that magically teleports you to your goals. Trusting the process and a coach’s guidance can help you reach goal after goal after goal. 

It’s up to you, always.

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A mentor, coach or guide comes in many forms, through either the lessons that life teaches you or within the people that you meet in your journey.

Of course, you can choose your coach and the lessons that come along. It all comes down to trust. Trusting yourself to allow change and growth. Trusting the person or experience in front of you to deliver the right lessons. 

Continuous learning is a long process, and with many interferences, if you open your heart and mind to it. Everywhere you look you can see a lesson. Nature’s teaching. Life experiences are teaching. Even all the people that walk along your path have lessons too. The secret is to keep a humble heart open, the mind vigilant, and thrive to change and grow. 

Then the most magical thing happens: when you allow yourself to grow and experience life at its utmost beauty. If you allow it, it will inspire you to help others grow and live the same joy and happiness towards life. 

Emotional Philosophy?

Well, take a deep breath and think about the ones you’ve chosen to look up to? Right there in your heart center. You know that deep down, they help you thrive, grow, bloom and flourish into a version of yourself that allows you satisfaction and fulfillment. That’s the exact states of the mind  that all of us strive for. 

Let’s turn our attention a bit towards mentors, coaches of coaches, spiritual teachers and so on. We established trust as a core ingredient when it comes to choosing any kind of teacher, but what else matters? 

Intuition, by being able to feel the chemistry and the potential growth that a person can offer. It’s also about self-worth and how capable you see yourself in working towards change. One other aspect you might be looking at is a professional occupation. It’s important, that’s true, but when it comes to growth, a mentor’s guidance aims for the core, so that everything else will follow. 

The Universe Has Lessons Too

One other great master and teacher is Life itself. As you might have noticed by now, life has a way of giving us our lessons until we learn them. All the twists and turns, the repetitions and the challenges, all of them are destined for your own personal growth, so keeping your heart open to them might just add value to your life. 

As the Universe is unfolding at its own pace, think about how a professional coach might impact your life. If the spark inside you is brightening up and you’ve decided to give it a chance, take a bit of time and explore if joining the Clear Mind Accelerator. Who knows, this might be the place where you need to be: http://clearmindschool.com/ro/servicii/


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I feel you, I hear you, I understand what you are going through. I’ve been there. Empathy is the beacon of like that builds bridges between humans.

Being understood is something that all of our hearts as people desire. We want someone to listen and bring light to the corners that we have not yet seen in our life experiences. But more than listening, we want someone to understand, to relate to our feelings and be empathic.

Everything Starts When You Understand

Empathy. One of the core ingredients that a professional coach make someone to turn to someone that can relate, understand and shed light.

True empathy is much more than me being aware of how you are feeling. Being truly empathic is to understand where you are coming from, where you are in your own learning process and actually feel the right words and feelings to express for the exact situation that you are dealing with.

Understanding Empathy A Bit Better

Even if we can describe empathy as an emotional state and awareness, something you feel in the fire of your heart, there are still a couple of pointers that can describe empathy in a more pragmatic way:

• Perceptivity – the ability to read between the lines and see the truth from the coachee’s perception.

• Emotion recognition – the ability to correctly identify the emotion presented in the context, without any personal projections.

• Non-judgment – the ability to wisely accept, receive, and pass forward whatever information is shared, regardless of the place where it comes from.

• Communication – the ability to ask questions, express interest, learning how to relate and genuinely encourage.

All of these are core elements of empathy, but what truly makes empathy powerful is to never, ever, ever show judgment. This particular kind of sharing comes from a place of vulnerability and trust and that’s why empathy should govern the relationship between a coach and a coachee.

How about you? How skillful you are with empathy as a coach? If you want to work on your skills more, the Clear Mind Accelerator is a place to start your own journey. Find out more here: http://clearmindschool.com/ro/servicii/

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Let’s define motivation. To gym-goers, it’s the spark that keeps them going, even if they’ve reached the limits of their bodies. For students, motivation is working towards their careers even if their peers are out there partying. So, regardless of the specifics, motivation can be defined as the drive that keeps you going towards reaching your goal.

What Happens When The Flame Dies?

Usually, depending on how high the stakes are, the yield goes way down and so does the performance curve. You stop going to the gym so often or you allow yourself some passes when it comes to your daily responsibilities just because you are not feeling it.  

There’s this popular belief that once motivation is gone, it’s very hard to get it back. A professional coach will argue differently and focus on igniting the feeling by reminding you about how will you feel when you reach your goal. But more than relying on outside help from a coach, we challenge you to see motivation and its process a little bit differently. 

Turn Motivation Into Habits

Let’s talk about habits. You’ve just set out a fresh new goal and you are all pumped up with energy to go get it. That energy is your motivation and fuel towards making your vision a reality. Most people spend their fuel on going with full speed ahead, thinking that they have enough fuel to reach the top of the motion. What usually happens is that somewhere along the way they ran out which makes the journey hard.

There are some people who use their motor fuel in a whole other way. They use it to build strong and durable habits. In this way, when all the fuel will run out, the newly created habits will take the wheel and drive you towards your goal. Sounds simple, well it’s not that easy. Aside from motivation, habits take up a lot of will power and determination to be set-up. 

But once you’ve mastered your habits, your goals are just far by distance. And one more thing, the new habits that you’ve just inserted have another huge benefit as well. Once time passes, results will start popping around, proving that your new approach is working and you just have to maintain the course. This brings new flows of motivation and fills the fuel tank periodically. 

The Motivation Recipe?

So, motivation transformed into habits brings out more motivation with time. Why does it make sense? Because we are beings that function on programs and if we insert the right ones, the results that our heart so much desires become more and more accessible.