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“I can’t do it. I am not worthy. I am not good enough for anything.” This is how our limiting beliefs stop our greatness from manifesting in our lives.
How many times have you heard this from the people around you? Coaches today are facing one of the most troublesome issues a person can face: self-doubt which leads to self-sabotage. 

It Starts Early

But let’s start with the beginning. During our life as a child, we are experiencing life from an observing perspective, taking mental notes of behaviors, patterns, advice from people we admire or persons that have left such powerful impressions. All of this information builds up to a beliefs system that has its strong roots far deep into these experiences.

This system of beliefs shape our reality, how we perceive others and the way we make our choices in life. What happens when the beliefs are limited by others (intentionally or unintentionally)? Our core drive follows the protocols, even if the experiences lived in the moment do not bring the most positive of outcomes.

Overpassing Limiting Beliefs

The role of coaching here is to break those limiting beliefs and build up new ones, stronger, healthier and more orientated towards the wellbeing of the coachee. It might be a frightening process, to leave everything you thought was true behind and start working on something new. However, with the guidance of a professional coach, the self-changing journey can be highly rewarding. 

With great power, comes great responsibility. Now, this is a great mantra to bear in mind and in your heart. As a coach, you have the responsibility for the growth of each and every single person who put their faith in you. And that means the new beliefs, the new system that is created once the old one is down is in your hands as well.

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